I’m leaving up this 2016 challenge because it’s a perpetual one. I also have the Classics Club one, which is also perpetual, but I accidentally deleted the info so I need to fix that.

In April, I signed up for the Read all the Books Challenge. I picked Piers Anthony. In November, I officially gave up on Piers Anthony. I’m officially working on Stephen King.


Reading Goals (read all my goals here)

  • 100 books in a year minimum (thinking of actually going for 120)
  • netgalley to 80% (update here what current percentage is)
  • participate in at least 3 readathons – host a challenge on blog for one of them – actually read, post links to reviews, visit at least 5 other participating blogs for each of the readathons
  • MORE audiobooks! Let’s shoot for one/month
  • read 12 classics (classics defined as 30 years or older)
  • read 12 actual, physical books I own
  • Finish Little House series-done in January
  • Book Challenges I signed up for

Audiobook Challenge

2017 Read Your (Book) Shelf Challenge

2017 Reading Assignment Challenge