Divergent book review


January 13, 2015

3 thoughts on “Divergent book review

  1. This one wasn’t my favorite. Roth used a lot of repetitive language to describe the same character motions and didn’t seem to have a vast, creative vocabulary. I felt like she had the romance in there just because it was some canon she felt she had to follow. I agree with you that the action was fabulous, as was the dystopian world. I don’t think I’ll read the rest of the series, though.

    1. Yeah, why does every YA book have to have romance? Seriously? It’s been a year since I read the first one, with no desires to read the rest of them.

  2. Interesting. Makes me want to try out the book. I have to say that I was not impressed by the movie, but maybe I am not the target audience. I feel like these mass-market dystopian tales have ruling regimes that are esoteric in nature and carefully crafted to not offend any real groups.

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