Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


April 21, 2016

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

  1. The joy of the Potter series is the quest for understanding and knowledge of the world they are in. Harry moves through his world seeking knowledge and trying to understand where he fits in. I think it is that way for all middle-grade fiction and other stories for children just a little younger. It is the quest for understanding that I find so thrilling as I write for this group. There is no other group of fiction like it. Adult fiction often gets bogged down in romance and angst, which I find boring.

  2. Anastacia, I agree with your initial assessment. I, too, initially wondered why all the hoopla? But your friend’s comment makes sense – the first one sets up the series. I find it interesting that the books get longer, darker, and the language more sophisticated with each successive entry. In that sense the series is a bit uneven – the first book is appropriate for a much younger age-group than even the third, and as my son discovered the Dementors he suddenly wanted to sleep in my bed again – haha! There’s no denying the appeal of the series, but the first one barely scratched the surface of what was to come.

  3. Anastacia, I think your response is so interesting. Honestly, I love the entire series and read all of them well into adulthood. I have my favorites, but Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone holds a special place in my heart, I think because of the mystery and the magic of Harry’s (and our) introduction to this amazing world he (and we as readers) never knew existed. It just sucked me in. Later, when I began teaching elementary school, I watched as year after year my students fell deep into the magic of the Harry Potter series, all of them beginning their journey with this first, amazing book. I will agree with Adam, though, that this first book “barely scratched the surface of what was to come”.

  4. I bought this book for my nephew. His mother though got him an iPad so I ended up reading it myself and getting hooked from the get go. Still on book three, I know I know, the shame of it. One day I’ll finish them all.

    1. Once you get beyond that third book, the series picks up in pace and becomes more “adult” in plot, and by the end of the series, it has a darker feel. So plow through book three, and enjoy the ride that is the rest of the series!

  5. i have always been a fan of the Harry Potter series, and it does my heart good to see that people are still finding the story told by JK Rowling to be as relevant today as when I read the books (many moons ago). While the movies truncated some story elements to make for better viewing, there’s something to be said for sticking with print books (though, in later books, removing Hermione’s ‘free the house elves’ subplot wouldn’t impact the story at all).

    can’t wait for Fantastic Beasts 2!

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