Hunger Games series review


April 7, 2016

One thought on “Hunger Games series review

  1. Nice series review, Anastacia! I was skeptical about reading the Hunger Games books at first because I don’t like jumping on bandwagons, but for me the series really lived up to the hype. The first chapter of book 1 is a clinic in how to write a beginning and hook the reader. Book 2 is a bit of the “same-stuff, different book” but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I had mixed emotions about book 3. On the one hand (beware mild spoiler), I applauded Collins for avoiding the cliche/obvious in not having Katniss duel with Snow at the end. On the other hand, I kind of wanted to see it happen (similar to how we all want to see a happily-ever-after ending even thought that isn’t always the more realistic way to conclude a story). All in all, it’s a great series.

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