Hunger Games


February 8, 2016

3 thoughts on “Hunger Games

  1. Yes, these books are amazing! I read the series in Russian (because I’m Russian) a year ago, and now I’ve started it in English. But I can’t agree with you on Peeta. My heart belongs to Gale!

    1. I’m going to get shot for admitting this, but I never really liked Gale! I love the fact you read the books in Russian; that’s very cool. I took four years of French in school & read a few novels my last year; I keep saying I need to practice my French (it’s been over twenty years) and start reading in a different language again.

  2. I adore the way Collins writes- it’s so simple and beautiful, and means the plot can go at about 100 miles and hour. The first two in the Hunger Games series are my absolute favourite books. Also Peeta all the way!

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