Knitting in the Nordic Tradition book review


March 17, 2015

2 thoughts on “Knitting in the Nordic Tradition book review

  1. As an avid knitter myself, I absolutely agree. I can’t imagine a knitting book, especially one that features multi-colored Scandinavian designs, can be effective in black and white. Of course, I understand about limited resources… It tickled me that you’ve reviewed so many knitting books, Anastasia. I used to paint needlepoint designs and ended up buying THE TALL TALE, a needlepoint and wool yarn shop. I had to give it up, though, to get a real job. My favorite knitting books are the Virginia Zimmerman books. Check them out if you haven’t already. I used to give knitting classes based on those books.

    1. That’s very cool that you used to own a yarn shop! Hubby & I dream of owning a joint collectables/yarn shop – it’ll never happen, but it’s fun to dream about! I teach knit/crochet classes and have often taught classes based upon Elizabeth Zimmermann’s books :).

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