Reckoning book review


May 26, 2016

One thought on “Reckoning book review

  1. I read only the first chapter of this book. It’s not the kind of story I generally read. I read a sample chapter on Amazon to get a feel for the writing, which impressed me. I think it is clean, clear, consistent, well organized, and nicely paced. And… I love the cover! I can’t comment on the plot development or larger aspects of the story, but based on the little I read, I would say it is better written than Jurassic Park, which I see you also reviewed. I did read Jurassic Park to the end. I felt like Crichton was guilty of too much telling (missed descriptive opportunities – a basic crime.) His over-telling repeatedly jumped out at me. I don’t see that, or other flaws in style, in Wilkinson’s writing. Crichton however came up with a far more original premise for his story, and I agree that is worth a lot.

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