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I’m currently closed to all review submissions. I will not respond to any review requests at this moment.

I’m taking a break for health reasons and I want to catch up on reading just for me. Thanks for understanding.


I’m Anastacia, the reviewer here :).

I post all reviews here, on Goodreads, and Amazon, and cross post reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, & Pinterest.

Reviews and any other services I may offer are always free through the blog; I never charge for my services / time. I receive an extremely small amount of money for the reviews I write through Reader’s Favorite ($1/review).

A review of your book is NOT guaranteed – I usually will not write a DNF on the blog but I usually will on goodreads (and yes, I do regularly write negative reviews both here, amazon, and on goodreads, but I try hard to write a balanced review). For the purposes of this blog and elsewhere, a negative review to me is considered one star; anything higher is not a negative review.

Genres I read:

  • historical fiction (especially European, medieval, World War II)- I prefer historical fiction that is strongly researched with very little romance and/or sex
  • YA / NA
  • sci-fi
  • fantasy / urban fantasy
  • dystopian
  • end of the world / post apocalyptic / disaster / zombies
  • non-fiction on the following subjects ONLY: history (especially European), gardening, water bath canning, vegetarian, once a month cooking, or slow cooker cookbooks, cults / alt religions / alt lifestyles, knit / crochet books (cross posted to my craft blog)
  • some biographies / memoirs and Christian fiction (especially Amish)
  • books with witches, wizards, zombies, vampires, etc…. (though please keep in mind, I’m NOT a romance fan! I don’t mind a little romance, as long as the plot doesn’t revolve around the romance)
  • “light” horror – think Under the Dome by Stephen King
  • adult coloring books (I prefer physical copies of coloring books and will need a longer lead time)
  • See my current challenges for an idea of what I’m reading this year

I do not read (and will immediately delete your email):

  • politics
  • finance
  • sports
  • a book where the main animal character dies or a book with animal abuse (and please don’t try to argue with me about the point; it’s my review blog)
  • suspense
  • romance / relationship advice
  • mysteries (especially cozy mysteries)
  • poetry
  • short stories
  • not really into mythology
  • picture books
  • contemporary
Please consider sponsoring a giveaway if I do post a review on the site – it helps generate more love for your book. Just a simple e-book or $5 giveaway goes a long way towards generating excitement. I will ask you to set up the Rafflecopter code, or I can set it up for you.
Professional ReaderOne further note: if sending a book for review that is part of a series, I WILL not jump into the middle of the series. I will need to read all the books in the series, and will review each one accordingly. I don’t care if it’s a “standalone” book, I won’t read one without the rest.

At this time, I only accept e-books, except for non-fiction books/coloring books, which I will accept either as an e-book or a print copy (I do prefer print copies for non-fiction books, as the photography is usually such a huge part of such books, and it’s easier for my half-blind eyes to see photos in a “real” book)- I do need a longer lead time to receive print books. I do prefer to receive e-books through Amazon (as a gift) or via BookFunnel, but realize that isn’t always practical, but receiving books via those methods helps keeps my book organized & readily available on my e-reader (instead of buried in a downloads folder, where books are often forgotten about).


To Submit Your Book

I’m currently CLOSED to submissions. I’m leaving this info up for when I reopen.

  • Please leave a meaningful comment on one of my review posts – NOT about YOUR book, but about the BOOK I am REVIEWING. Sorry to yell, but I’ve been deleting a ton of comments lately about people who think this is the place to plug their book. That won’t get you a review, and your name gets blacklisted for future reviews. I love joining book blasts, tours, cover reveals, etc. and sharing news about your book promos! Just send me an email, a few dates you’d like me to post, and I’ll see what I can do!
  • Please fill out the form below as thoroughly as you can. Your future review blog post is based upon all of the info you share with me, so if you don’t include an amazon link, my review won’t either, which sort of defeats the purpose of the review, eh? The more work you make me do in setting up the blog post, the less likely I’ll review your book. I’ll move on to an author who is being helpful. Please do NOT create a new publisher unless absolutely necessary- I currently have about 15 different Amazon self publishing variations. We get it, you’re an indie. That’s fine. Just select “indie” or one of the already listed amazon publishers. Now I have to manually clean up and edit all those publishers.
  • Please consider joining my NEW Facebook Group, Authors and Bloggers Help Each Other Promote. Quick description:
    • A place for authors to look for help promoting their books, especially sign ups for blog tours, blitzes, and Reviews.
    • This is not a place for you to advertise your book sale or post your latest (non group) review, but a place for you to get bloggers’ help with advertising your book.
    • Bloggers, feel free to post your author related services, or share your posts about an author who is in the group.
    • Please, all genres BUT romance/erotica – there are TONS of other groups out there that cater to those genres, but I haven’t seen any groups that focus on everything else.
  • This is just an FYI sort of things – I’ve been amazed lately at the number of emails/requests I’ve received that are full of typos, spelling errors, and basic grammatical errors, not to mention “texting” shorthand. If your email has a ton of errors in it, I automatically delete the email without responding. If your email is full of errors, it doesn’t fill me with confidence that your book is any better. Are you an Indie author not getting a lot of responses on review requests? I’m betting that’s why.
  • One more FYI rant: I’m NOT your PR assistant. I’m NOT here to explain to you how you should send me your book, or how to advertise your book, send a blogger the correct links, etc. If you are a new author, bravo, congrats, I’m happy for you, but please DO YOUR OWN research & DO it on your own time, not on mine. I did my research.




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