Soul of the Fire


August 31, 2009

2 thoughts on “Soul of the Fire

  1. Hi Anastacia. I felt pretty much the same about the Sword of Truth series after reading Soul of the Fire, with the exception of the next in the series. However… the first four were absolutely spectacular, and the sixth, “Faith of the Fallen,” remains to this day, over ten years after first reading it, not only one of the best fantasy novels I’ve ever read, but one of the best novels I’ve ever read, period.

    I had the honor and privilege of meeting Terry at a local book signing shortly after his third in the series was published (Blood of the Fold), before he was mega-famous, and I have to say he was a most delightful, soft-spoken, friendly, and interesting person. He actually talked with me for nearly ten minutes (several of which I spent raving about his talent, lol) after signing my copies of the first three in the series. This is an indulgence that many authors don’t make. I believe he was, at least at the time in his career, very interested in his fans’ feedback. I will always fondly remember that meeting, and appreciate his willingness to spend time chatting with me. As a published author myself, because of that meeting with Terry, I try to do the same with folks interested in speaking with me at length every chance I get when I do public appearances and signings. Happy reading!

    1. That’s very cool that you got to meet him! It’s funny, though it’s not really the same thing, I’m “famous” in my own small corner of the world, as a knit/crochet designer, and I try to be like that with my “fans” because I remember meeting a very big name in the knit design world, and how excited I was that she spent the time to talk with me. It’s a “pay it forward” sort of thing.

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