Incarnations of Immortality – Series Review – by Piers Anthony

by Piers Anthony So, it’s time for a series review. From “On a Pale Horse” to “And Eternity” we’ve covered the whole human existence, it seems. We start with Death in “On a Pale Horse“, talk about time in “Bearing an Hourglass” and the three aspects of Fate in “With […]

Harry Potter: series review

Genres: YA Orphan Harry learns he is a wizard on 11th birthday when Hagrid escorts him to magic-teaching Hogwarts School. As a baby, his mother’s love protected him and vanquished villain Voldemort, leaving child famous as “The Boy who Lived”. With friends Hermione and Ron, he has to win over […]

my love hate relationship with the Xanth series … series review

Do you know about the Xanth series? It’s a very, very long light fantasy series by author Piers Anthony, started in the 70’s with his book, a Spell for Chameleon. The series started as a trilogy, but was so popular he wrote a second trilogy, and after that he just […]