Under the Dome by Stephen King


June 30, 2017

2 thoughts on “Under the Dome by Stephen King

  1. I love love love King. In fact, I just finished Gwendy’s Button Box this morning and have already preordered his one with his son Owen coming out later this year. I really liked Under the Dome. If I had to rate it (don’t think I did ratings back then) I would go 4/5. I love the characters and with King, I think his long books are often so much fun and I enjoy getting lost in that world. That being said, maybe I should reread this one and try to pick up on the foreshadowing because I HATED the way this book ended. I always thought it was a cop-out. I mean, I can see some little martian in my head who looks like the Warner Brothers green guy. And I HATE that I hate the ending because I really loved the other 1000 or so pages. I really enjoyed your thoughts and found your blog through Dual Reads Monday post. I’ll have to visit more often.

  2. Love the concept of this story. I actually watched a couple of the episodes of the series based on the book, but now that I’ve read your passionate review, I feel compelled to put it on my TBR list. Nice work.

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